Grand Tetons - Montana Megaliths Immersion Excursion – 2019

Grand Tetons - Montana Megaliths Immersion Excursion – 2019


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Grand Tetons - Montana Megaliths Immersion Excursion – 2019

Alchemy of Personal Transformation

September 9 - 15, 2019 (Monday Evening – Sunday Afternoon)

A Collective Co-Creation with your
Personal Guides, Ascended Masters & Ancient Star Beings

  • Opening, Awakening & Activating Universal Consciousness in Human Form by
    • -- Ascending, Gathering & Expanding in the Grand Tetons
    • -- Descending, Grounding & Integrating at the Montana Megaliths
  • With visits to The Grand Teton Park, WY and surrounding areas, time for inner reflection, guided meditations & journeying on to the Montana Megaliths, MT
  • All to Experience and Inspire in the Beauty of these Pure, High Vibrational Environments
    • In presence of Ascended Masters, Star Beings, Angels, Native & Nature Spirits all assisting your Higher Dimensional Living on the New Earth …..
  • We proceed …. Knowing there is a Divine Plan and fulfilling the prophecy .......
    "We are the Ones we have been waiting for ….."
  • With over 30 years in Spiritual Metaphysics and Sacred Site direct experience, this Immersion will be Co-Facilitated by
    • Deborah Hellman - Akashic Records & Personal Guides - and
    • Forrest Green - Soul Journeys through Light, Energy & Sound.
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