For the last 30 years Deborah has worked with thousands of professional worldwide in helping them to renew, inspire and empower themselves and others.

The primary tool she use is the Akashic Records which are the Records of your Soul since your separation from Source.

Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records are the records of your Soul in all dimensions and lifetimes, past, present and future. Together we access your Akashic Records and receive guidance and clarity on relationships, health, career, direction and purpose.

In our session together, we might gain insight into difficult issues and release old patterns of limitation, freeing you for more capacity to Love, move, play, work and create. I provide a safe, comfortable place to help nurture and facilitate you to bring in your highest self.

“I recommend a reading to anyone having a difficult time or a major turning point and needs some clarity and guidance. I got clarity on relationships, causes of injury and illness, past lives, spirit guides who help me, and my mission in this lifetime.”
JG, Asheville

“I made great progress in letting go of pain that I have held for a long time. Knowing who my my mother was and what she went through, helped me heal hurt feeling towards her and gain more emotional freedom.” R, Realtor Asheville

Astrological Blueprints - Astrology for the Soul​​


Your Natal chart is your map of the heavens on the day of your birth. This map is the blueprint of your Soul. You created this map prior to this life to experience more expansion of your consciousness. The blueprint shows your beliefs and attitudes and patterns from previous cycles you chose to complete in this life.

In a reading you will get an overview of your blueprint and what you came into this lifetime to experience along with the patterns from your previous cycles.  The transiting planets activate these patterns in your natal chart and show the timing of events and the opportunities the transits bring.   If, you have your exact time of birth, then dates can be precise. This can help pinpoint specific dates for selling, buying real Estate, investments, marriage or starting a business.