Deborah Hellman

Over the past 30 years Deborah has worked with thousands of professionals worldwide helping to renew, inspire and empower themselves and others.

This is Deborah’s Soul’s purpose. She believes that by helping those that help others she can create a ripple effect that goes out into the world to create change for the planet.

Deborah is a specialist in the Akashic Records. In 1994 she learned to open the Akashic Records with a Sacred Prayer from Mayan Lineage and trained as a consultant to read people’s Records. 

“I have known Deborah for 40 years. Her Messages bring forth insight in a helpful, supportive way and encourage me on my journey.”
Ellen, Teacher New Jersey

“You offered a key, asked if I would open a door and you held it open for me. Together in that space you connected all the perceptions and circuitry of my entire consciousness being. My experiences of nature as Divinity were validated.”
Septimbor, Community Vision Keeper